The Steinway Series at Silo Hill

Reinventing the way people experience live classical music.

The Steinway Series at Silo Hill introduces you to a new, hip concert-going experience: down on the farm and in a barn. It’s unique, casual, and intimate: sit next to a cozy fire, sip wine, enjoy delicious light fare, and converse with friends while enjoying incredible live music by international and regional artists.
With the Steinway Series, you forego all those typical concert-going hassles like uncomfortable attire, parking tickets, confining theatre seats, long lines for a drink or rest room. . . . .The Steinway Series at Silo Hill is hassle free—no parking issues, no long lines, no dressing-up—this is a barn after all!

And it’s for a good cause: to raise awareness of and funding for Parkinson’s Research and Support Services.